Riley MacKenzie Fund - Helping Animals and Their People

About Us

The Riley MacKenzie Fund was established in 2009.  We rely solely on donations and volunteers to keep this program running. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization recognized by the Federal Government. All donations are tax deductable.

Riley MacKenzie Fund

The Riley MacKenzie Fund was organized exclusively for charitable purposes. Specifically, the Riley MacKenzie Fund was organized to prevent cruelty to animals.  The Riley MacKenzie fund offers the following services to stray and abandoned animals in Michigan:

We provide Veterinary care, food, and temporary fostering. We provide funds to have animals spayed or neutered to prevent over breeding and unwanted litters.

Libby says…

...We provide foster homes to animals who have been surrendered because of domestic violence situations. A pet in a domestic violence situation is often in danger of losing their life. We are called when these animals need to be surrendered by victims of domestic violence. We care for that pet’s needs in a foster home, and then find the pet a suitable permanent home where they are loved and cared for.

Ruby says…

...We provide foster homes to pets who previously belonged to senior citizens. When senior citizens are forced to go into a nursing home and surrender their pet we step in and place that pet in one of our foster homes until we can find a permanent home for the pet. We feel for these older pets this is a much less stressful situation than being taken to an animal shelter.

When animals are abandoned our mission is to care for them and place them in loving permanent homes after they are fully vetted and altered.